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Great furniture shapes the way you work, enhances your identity and is the key to creating healthy workspaces that lead to happy people.

Furniture matters

We have the furniture expertise to make the most of your workspace. Our team provides a tailored service, so we meet your specific needs and requirements. It’s more than just desks and tables – it’s finding the right seating, the storage, the lighting, and the finishing touches that make the space uniquely you and optimise your environment.

Furniture is integral part of the design, not an add-on. Our open-minded, talented designers are here to work with you and the team at whatever stage you need us, from concept or later down the line at technical design. No matter the stage, we’ll select the best options, meeting your people’s needs and your budget and programme. 

Commercial Furniture

Our independent supply chain of furniture here in the UK and worldwide means we can provide you with choice, quality and value for every type of project.

Bespoke Furniture

Sometimes, you need furniture that’s made just for you. We’re here to advise, design and create what you need, from signature reception desks to seating solutions.

Bespoke Joinery

Bespoke joinery can bring your brand to life. From full shop fits to inbuilt media walls, we have the skills to create truly unique interior spaces.

Feel-good furniture

Furniture isn’t just about looking good; it’s got to make people feel good, too. Whether it’s creating cosy breakout spaces, standing desks or one-to-one settings where people can get some headspace, we’ll provide options that prioritise comfort, wellbeing and productivity.


Design for You

We can provide any level of service you need, from space plans to fully designed furniture layouts.

Suppliers & Sourcing

Our independent supply chain gives you an unrivalled range of suppliers, from vintage one-offs to bespoke joinery.

Installation & Support

We manage everything from relocation to installation. And handover doesn’t mean it’s over; we’ll provide support long after completion.

It's the little details that make the difference



You only get one chance to make a great first impression. That’s where signage comes in. From the sign over the door to wayfinding, statement neons and statutory signage, we’ll work with you to make sure they reflect your brand, are clear and informative and look good.



Need a soundcheck? Acoustics is often overlooked, but we’re here to help with sound surveys, sound insulation, and noise-dampening solutions, including partitioning, ceilings, and flooring. And we can advise on sound masking to minimise distractions.



Bringing the outside indoors (biophilic design) has real benefits, from improving air quality to enhancing people’s focus and creativity. We can help you pick the perfect plant life for your space, whether it’s the real thing or just looks like it.

Pods & Booths

Pods & Booths

People want a choice when it comes to where they work. With pods and booths, creating a mix of environments for private meetings or quiet moments is easy. We’ll help you find the right pieces or build bespoke versions, creating workspace features that support your needs.

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